Yahoo: 12 reasons NOT to get breast implants

12 Reasons NOT to Get Breast Implants!

It seems they’re the essential accessory for the Hollywood set these days. Large, overgrown, man made breasts have taken the celebrity crowd by storm! And it’s not just the jet setters getting breast implants these days, breast implant procedures are on the rise across all socioeconomic categories. But, the potential for breast implant complications are very real and can cause you additional time, money, and frustration. Here are some compelling reasons NOT to get breast implants:1. Around 30% of all women who get breast implant surgery end up needing a a corrective surgery within the first ten years of receiving their initial breast implants.

2. Saline implants which have been the standard for the past few years since silicone breast implants were banned tend to look unnatural. In some cases the edge of the implants can be seen from the skin surface. This may change now that silicone breast implants have been put back on the market.

3. A majority of women will have some degree of capsular contraction which is the process by which the breast implants harden due to the formation of scar tissue over the implant. This may necessitate additional surgery to correct the hardness and give the implant a more natural look.

4. Almost 10% of saline breast implants deflate within the first 3 years after surgery. This requires additional surgery to correct this frustrating breast implant complication.

5. Breast implant surgery is expensive. Depending upon whether you have the implant placed above or below the muscle, you may be charge not only for the surgical procedure, but also for the services of an anesthesiologist and the costs of using the operating room. This can easily add up to $5,000 or more. Plus, you may need time off from work to recover which is an additional loss of revenue.

6. Breast implant surgery can be painful. Many people underestimate the degree of pain associated with the procedure. You may require the use of pain medications with significant side effects during the recovery period and run the risk of pain due to breast implant complications.

7. Breast implants can make it more difficult to detect a breast cancer on mammogram. The presence of breast implants can sometimes allow a breast cancer to “hide” and remain undetected until its in its advanced stages. If you have implants, you should request a radiologist who specializes in reading mammograms of patients with breast implants.

8. If big breasts are so wonderful, why do so many heavily endowed women want smaller ones? This should give you cause for thought!

9. Large breasts limit your ability to wear certain fashions. There’s a reason why runway models are often small breasted. They tend to look better in their clothes WITHOUT breast implants.

10. You can damage sensitive nerve tissue in the breast as a result of breast implant surgery. This can lead to loss of breast sensation and even numbness which may be irreversible.

11. If you’re athletic, breast implants can make your life more difficult. Have you ever tried running long distances or jump roping with two big bowling bowls on your chest?

12. Breast implants may prevent you from addressing the real issues you have with your body. Are you using breast implants to compensate for an underlying weight problem or dissatisfaction with your overall appearance. It’s far better to start a good exercise program and learn to love and appreciate your body for what it is.

I hope I’ve convinced you that breast implant with their risks of serious complications are not the answer for everyone .If you’re considering getting them, consider all the potential risks and benefits before making your final decision. After all, breasts are only a small part of who or what you are.

Published by Kristie Leong M.D. – A family physician with a strong interest in disease prevention and alternative medicine.

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