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Small Breast Causes and Solutions by Natural Breast Augmentation

Many experts initially believed that the reason is either genetic or random. However, our experience in creating our natural breast augmentation program has shown that nature always has a way of creating things proportionally. Think of our feet and our hands – although there are genetic variations causing different shapes and sizes, they are typically proportional to the body. Breasts are in a separate category because they grow during adolescence. In most cases, they will grow until their size respects the rule of proportionality with the rest of the body. Unfortunately, for some, external factors will affect growth and cause the breasts to stop short of meeting their natural potential.

We have identified five possible causes:

  • Deficiency in certain vitamins
  • Hormone imbalance or deficiency
  • Energy blockages
  • Emotional obstructions
  • Problems with thyroid gland or ovaries.

Unfortunately for the latter, home treatment is more complicated and should also be monitored of a health care professional who will start by regulating the problem. Fortunately, this situation is rare and the vast majority of cases (90-95%) fall within the first four categories.

There are many women who feel their breasts have never looked the way they should. But it is, in fact, possible to restart the growth process from where it left off years ago in adolescence. The way this works is by eliminating what caused the growth to halt in the first place, and starting the process afresh. It is possible to have natural, proportion breasts without surgery, without chemicals and without risks. This method uses the natural way the body works. The results are perfectly natural breasts and require no maintenance.


Lack of Vitamin

Lack of Vitamins

The stunted growth of breasts due to lack of vitamins or minerals is not always linked to poor diet. Potential causes include a sudden growth spurt, a heavy period in adolescence and consumption of fast food may be the cause of the shutdown. In these cases, the body has been distributing its resources to more pressing issues occurring within the body, forgetting the breasts and subsequently halting their growth.


Hormones imbalance

Hormone Imbalance

Under grown breast due to a hormone imbalance is similar, except it is often accompanied by additional symptom, including acne or excessive hair growth. In these cases, there may be a lack of hormones necessary for growth and excessive presence of those which inhibit it. As a comparison, think of adrenaline, which is a hormone that comes with stress and activity.

Due to these two possible explanations for stunted breast growth, the program includes plant-based capsules, which provide the nutritional and hormonal factors that the body lacks. It is crucial that these capsules are taken in conjunction with the consistent application of topical herbal extracts and progesterone cream. They must be applied directly on the breasts to ensure that the necessary elements for growth work together to achieve the best results.


Emotional Causes

Emotional Blockage

When growth stops because of emotional blockages, the specific causes are varied from person to person. Reacting to a simple remark, developing a complex, or struggling with difficulty to understand what’s happening can cause blockages in the mind of a teenager. Considering the fragility of our emotional state, it makes sense that triggers such as these can leave lasting scars. Fortunately, homeopathy works at this level and can help to free these blockages. The program includes several products that specifically target women who have had problems such as these during their adolescence. The product also works at a cellular level to remind the breast cells of their function, just in case it had been forgotten during the course of the stunted breast growth. The product is applied on the wrist between meals. It comes in a spray bottle so it’s easy to use.


Energetic Causes

Energy Blockage

In the case that breast growth was stunted by energy blockages, this falls under the general health category. Chinese medicine defines five types of movement. These movements are complementary to each other. Our health is the basis of their harmony. For some women, it is possible that although all other elements is present, the vitality is not getting the breast tissue. The program gives the charters in place to stimulate the body to allow the return of movement and harmony as prescribed by Chinese medicine for thousands of years. These are points quick and easy to drive that will work wonders for those with a known lack of vitality in this region. As long as you have not suffered from stunting due to glandular irregularities, the program can help you by consolidating the various options in the same set. It is not necessary to find the exact root cause to get results. In all cases, you will see growth resume and your breasts will complete their growth cycle as nature had originally intended.


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