Natural breast augmentation

Our Natural Breast Augmentation Program

New Growth’s natural breast augmentation program combines both natural and traditional approaches, which have shown results in increasing breast size. This program is based on several studies published in scientific and medical journals. We invite you to look at the pictures of our patients to understand how we can change your life too.
The New Growth Program contains: Natural breast augmentation

  • Vitamins and plant-based natural products to balance your hormones and provide all the necessary elements the ensure the growth of your breasts.
  • Homeopathic products, which help remove the blockages responsible for stunted growth of your breasts.
  • Audio recordings to listen comfortably at home to restart the natural process of breast growth.
  • A therapeutic laser and precise Chinese medicine points diagrams to stimulate vitality, good humor and promote breast growth. With these two tools, you can directly stimulate the natural growth of your breasts. Everything is done gently balancing the natural process of your body. In a few minutes a day, the laser will stimulate your vital energy better than would a needle, and completely painless.
  • A detailed book explaining the New Growth program, which also advises you on how to keep a firm and attractive bust at all ages.

This is a unique program that gives you everything you need to enhance your natural assets while taking care of your breasts’ health.

You will be asked to devote 15 to 30 minutes to the program daily for 16 weeks. If you are located in Montreal and wish to do the program in conjunction with clinical practice, you will also be asked to come into the clinic every two weeks for follow-ups.

For most women, certain symptoms (heat sensation or movement in the breast) usually occur in the early days. You should notice a difference in the volume of your chest toward the sixth to eighth week.

During the 16 weeks, you will be well-supervised with a manual that will answer all your questions. Additionally, we will always be available to answer all of your questions. Our goal is to ensure that the growth of your breast is optimal, whether you follow the New Growth program at home or come see us in clinic. Natural breast augmentationSmaller breasts, from a natural medicine point of view, are breasts that stopped growing due to a deficiency, whether physical, emotional or energetic. The New Growth program re-creates the ideal circumstances for growth so the process starts anew, allowing your breasts to grow to the size that nature had first intended. It’s that simple.

Throughout history, people have always considered an ample bosom as a sign of fertility and health. Our experience tends to agree. The program therefore aims first to bring vitality and youth in your breasts to promote their growth, encouraging the effectiveness of our multi-approach program.

Perfect natural breast growth can only occur when the breasts’ mammary glands gain volume. All other ways, such as increasing the proportion of fat cells or incorporating constant hormone stimulation are bound to fail because they do not cover all the bases of breast health.

The New Growth program is a sequence of natural approaches that are juxtaposed to lead you to success. Unfortunately, vitamins, herbs and hormones are not sufficient to increase the breasts’ size alone. We must see the vitamins and hormones as building blocks that need a plan and favorable circumstances to be effective.

This plan is offered through visualization. Favorable circumstances come together once the cause or emotional energy responsible for the interruption of your breasts growth is eliminated by homeopathy and traditional Chinese medicine.

The massage and cream allow for a targeted distribution while stimulating local blood circulation. During all meetings in our clinic, we precisely massage the breast gland to ensure the growth is balanced and painless. This technique is inspired by osteopathy. It aims to prevent growing pains by balancing the growth of each gland.


What your doctor can’t tell you: Natural breast augmentationNaturally, your breasts, like any other parts of your body, should grow in proportion to the rest of your body. But sometimes, certain circumstances can affect and delay their development. Traditional approaches have found that by eliminating the circumstances responsible for this delay, the natural growth process takes its course and the breasts naturally grow to the proportional size nature initially intended. Normally, within 16 weeks your breasts begin to grow and eventually gain up to three cups.

The possible causes of stunted breast growth can be classified into four categories. For each, our research led us to a natural, safe and effective solution to restart the growth process or to remove the blockage which affected this process:

    • Lack of hormones: We now know that menstrual cycles and their hormones influence your breasts. These same hormones, at critical moments of your puberty, may be lacking and you would miss the window of opportunity for optimal breast-cell growth. This causes your breasts to stop growing at a pint that leaves them underdeveloped. Unfortunately, once this period is over, adding hormones, whether from an artificial source (such as the birth control pill) or natural sources (plants or commercial mixtures), to your body rarely bears permanent results. Scientific studies published in the 70’s show that the only way to change this situation is the combined use of hormones and hypnosis. The latter, through visualization, simply asks the unconscious to reopen this window of opportunity and start the growth process anew. It is doing so by bringing the body back to the mind state of the past, when it was still in the growth process, and making it responsive again. Without hypnosis, most remaining useful hormones are simply unused, or used for something else and will not affect the mammary cells or breasts growth.
    • Lack of vitamins and minerals can be a possible cause of the stunted growth of the breasts. Several factors may have played an important role during puberty, such as: poor nutrition often typical of adolescence, excessive physical activity or too-rapid growth. In some cases, stunted breast growth was purely caused by the lack of good and healthy nutrients, which would have otherwise promoted the growth of mammary glands and Natural breast augmentation
    • Emotional causes may also have influenced the physiological metamorphosis at puberty and, thereby, the growth of your breasts. Even women with a relatively normal upbringing, free of trauma or abuse, have felt uncomfortable as they saw they body change. Puberty is a period of questioning and intense emotions, especially among girls. Even comments or glances perceived the wrong way can scar more deeply than people think and influence the corporal image that the unconscious has regarding appearance. Hypnosis and psychology teach us that this corporal image plays a vital role in the outcome of the transformation, because it is through it that resources are distributed. Homoeopathy works wonders in these situation and is easy to use. It easily unlocks these types of emotional charges and restores confidence in oneself.
    • Energy causes are to be classified among the most important, and yet, are the least known for their responsibility in the delay or premature stopping of breast growth. We can not deny the importance of light energy for plant growth; it is equally important to understand that all parts of the body are coordinated and linked by an invisible energy that feeds and nourishes them. This network has been well-known for thousands of years in the East as it forms the basis of traditional medicine. Many things remain to be discovered about the nature of this network, but we already know that its free and unblocked flow is conducive to health and good humour. It’s easy to positively influence this living energy network. Through massages or stimulation of specific points on this network, you can easily break up blockages. Often, these blocks are essentially the same from one woman to the next. A charter of this energy network, its potential blockages and points to unlock them is also included in the New Growth program to restore health and vigor in your breasts. Natural breast augmentation

The program thus combines all the natural or traditional approaches that have shown to increase breast size. This program is based on several studies published in scientific and medical journals. We invite you to go see the photos of our patients to actually see how all this would translate into your everyday life.

It is a well-kept secret: your breasts are much more alive and changing than you’ve been told. They grew by themselves and continue to change with ovulation or pregnancy. For many years, natural approaches have deciphered these processes, bringing them together and understanding their respective benefits. We can now use them to your advantage through this unique program!


The Natural Products ingredients Natural breast augmentationThe capsules contain a blend of ingredients made of plants known traditionally for their effectiveness:
They include fenugreek, wild yam, fennel, hops, red clover, saw palmetto, milk thistle and alfalfa.

These plants are of exceptional quality. They are an excellent source of phytoestrogen and support the proportional development of breasts.

The product is recognize and licence by Health Canada (Canada FDA) under the name ”Phytoestrogen Plus” NPN 800050518. It is sold exclusively via the New Growth Program.

  • What are the effects of the natural ingredients? Natural breast augmentationThe Fenugreek is an excellent source of phytoestrogen. Fenugreek seeds are traditionally used to help increase lactation and breast. A study on ovariectomized mice (Aradhana et al 1992) showed that this plant induces the maturation of the mammary glands. Natural breast augmentationThe wild yam is an excellent source of phytoestrogen.

    The Fennel: A study on rats (Malini et al 1985) has proven that this plant can be effective to augment the mass of the mammary glands.

    Hops: Scientific studies have shown that hops are particularly effective for those that do not naturally produce enough estradiol (Milligan et al 2000).

    Red clover, milk thistle and saw palmetto are plants that have the ability to inhibit testosterone production. This male hormone reduces the effectiveness of estrogen thus the effectiveness of other plants (Bayne et al 1999, Sultan et al 1984).

    Alfalfa is added to the mixture to stimulate re-mineralization and help relieve fatigue.


The homeopathic ingredients: Natural breast augmentationPulsatilla, Cyclamen, Natrum, Muriaticum, Ignatia, Sil, Actaearacemosa, Phytolacca, Folliculinum, Mammary Gland 4D, Connective Tissue 4D, 4D Overy.

As for the earlier product, the homeopathic complex is also licenced and reconize by Health Canada (Canada FDA) .Under the name ‘Beautiful Chest’  DIN 80052353.  It is sold exclusively via the New Growth Program.
The psychological profiles of major products
You might recognize the adolescent you can relate to in the profiles of the products that follow. These descriptions are summaries of psychological types. The major products deserve a more detailed description. Effects probably affect all types of girls whose breasts stunted in growth during puberty.

  • What are the effects of the Homeopathic ingredients? Natural breast augmentationPulsatilla: The girl is a very sensitive, emotional and sweet girl. She is often shy and afraid of hurting others. She is fragile. It cultivates the beauty and harmony around her. It is physically improved through physical activity and movement. The most common reason for stunted breast growth in this girl is often a lack of confidence or fear of being different. The homeopathic remedy “pulsatilla” will release emotions that have accumulated within this type of girl regarding her self-image and her fear of being assertive or being different. Natural breast augmentationCyclamen: This girl has a strong connection with the Pulsatilla character. Often the girl in this character category used to be a Pulsatilla, and turned into a Cyclamen in adolescence. Like the Pulsatilla, the Cyclamen is sensitive, but now she has goals and strives to attain them. The improvement and change of Pulsatilla is due to a need to move and change things according to her and goals. The artistic and poetic side of the Pulsatilla is replaced with accountability and effectiveness. The Cyclamen is accountable to herself. Cyclamen’s stunted chest growth is often due to hyperactivity, or simply because seduction and pleasure are not part of her goals – and her subconscious understood this. The Cyclamen homeopathic product allows the girl to restart the process that was put on hold in adolescence. Her hormones will re-emerge to function to the best of their ability. Natural breast augmentationNatrum muriaticum: Natrum muriaticum’s characvter represents a girl who is at the same time idealistic and lonely. Unlike Pulsatilla who appreciates confiding in others and being comforted, the Natrum character would rather not talk too much about her emotions. Often, this defensive behavior is due to injuries or previous disappointments. She often feels better after getting some fresh air, even though she often does not like to go out because she finds it chilly as she is often physically lean and lanky. The cause of stunted breast growth in Natrum girls are often caused by lack of mineral absorption. The fact that the breast has not developed is not surprising since she usually has a narrow chest and thin arms and neck. The natrum muriaticum product for such girls will re-introduce minerals and hormones to the breasts and will re-stimulate breast growth, while, at the same time, eliminating her many complexes on self-image. Natural breast augmentationIgnatia: The Ignatia girl is a great emotional actress. His emotions are always in motion, passing from one extreme to another. She lives in paradoxes and is always looking for distractions to help solve them. She generally likes fashion, music and entertainment. Most often the cause of stunted breast growth of an Ignatia girl is due to her vibrant energy and constant movement. The homeopathic product will tend to calm her energies and it will leave a more satisfactory growth of breast cells with a sense of calm. Natural breast augmentationSilica: The Silicea character is shy like the Pulsatilla girl, but much less playful. She is more cautious than the Natrum muriaticum girl, and she is also more demineralized. Silicea also often lends a foundation for anorexia, even if she is already small by nature. The reasons for Silicea’s stunted breast growth during adolescence are obvious: lack of vitamins and minerals with a poor self-esteem. The homeopathic Silicea in the New Growth program will help her re-mineralized and will also help change her self-image by helping to provide her with some clarity.

    To complement the aforementioned major products and ingredients, the program also includes 6 other products used to support the work of the first. Their role is to prevent symptoms that may come from the primary products and they serve in a supporting role.

    There are three products that prevent the symptoms and pain that may arise from breast growth:
    Actaea racemosa: Prevents most of the pain of breast growth. It contains many phytoestrogens, thus preventing excessive accumulation of fat or cellulite on the buttocks and stomach.

    Phytolacca: Prevents the congestion and stimulated growth of mammary glands.

    Folliculinum: Balances the relationship between estrogen and progesterone.

    We also include 3 organotherapy products that aim to wake up and feed the breast tissue and ovaries:
    Mammary gland: stimulates their growth.

    Ovary: stimulates the natural production of hormones during and after the breast augmentation program.

    Connective tissue: improves tone and firmness of the breasts and keeps them younger.


Read the manual to get informed about the program





  • I'm only in my 5th week, but I already gained a cup 1/2 and I know this is just the beginning. I have already told many of my gfs about the New Growth Program.–Caroline

  • What I especially noticed is that when I touch my chest there is a marked difference from the beginning! The lump in my breast (mammary gland!), which barely existed at the beginning of the program is now spreading all over my breasts! This is proof that it is the gland that grows and not a fat gain! I find it reassuring as the fat … at the least weight loss, it disappears while the gland won’t!! –Jessica

  • This is crazy, I gained 3 cups and my breasts feel fuller and firmer. my hubby and I love them !!! I am now more confident in myself...–Amanda

  • This is everything I was looking for. At the 10th week I already gain 1 cup size.. Thank you!! –Stephany