Natural breast augmentation

Natural Breast Augmentation and Enlargement

There are various different ways to get bigger breasts. Some go with the surgical approach by getting breast implants, while others who want to achieve larger breast sizes but would rather not go through any type of surgical procedures opt for the natural breast enlargement approach.

The following natural techniques are actually quite popular practices in the eastern world, particularly because they are based on the use of natural herbs and plant extracts, which are combined with creams and firming lotions as well as various therapeutic practices and massages.

Below, you can find some of the methods that are becoming quite popular in the field of natural breast enlargement: Natural breast augmentation

  • Homeopathy.
  • Hypnosis and visualization.
  • Breast massages.
  • Hormones.



How can Homeopathy enlarge my breasts? Natural breast augmentationHomeopathy is a natural breast augmentation method which is quite peculiar because it uses natural and alternative medicine to increase breast sizes and remove old blockages that stop breast growth. This process is performed by a homeopath, who observes and diagnoses the poison that is causing the blockage in the system of a patient, and then applies the necessary antidote to promote breast growth.



How can hypnosis and visualization help natural breast enlargement? Natural breast augmentation
The use of hypnosis and visualization techniques is quite common, not only for natural breast enlargement but also for other areas in life. Visualization, in particular, has helped many people achieve their dreams through constant repetition and affirmation of their dreams and fervent wishes in life. These techniques are actually recognized by science and are, in fact, a proven method of achieving what you want. Hypnosis is a psychological practice which allows the brain to enter a near trance-like state, during which you can offer suggestions to the brain. During this stage of trance, the brain can easily accept all of the suggestions offered to it because its defenses are weak or down. These methods are instrumental in removing the mental blocks and negative images that have been programmed into the brain throughout the years. By removing these blocks, it is possible for the breast growth process to be reignited as the brain sends signals to the necessary glands to produce the needed hormones to promote breast growth.
There are many methods of hypnosis and visualization. Below you can find the different tips to make the most out of them:

  • Use an audio player. It is really important that you use some form of audio player to listen to visualization sounds or hypnosis suggestions to achieve maximum effect and to make sure you concentrate on the sounds and not on external noises.
  • Find a quiet place to meditate. Finding a quiet corner in the house where there are no distractions can definitely help you meditate better and concentrate more. Typical hypnosis and visualization techniques usually take only about 10 – 15 minutes to complete.
  • Make sure you are in a comfortable position. It is normal for people to fall asleep during these sessions, so make sure that you are either lying down or sitting upright in a bed.
  • Supplement with natural methods. Hypnosis and therapy sessions can work better in conjunction with the various natural breast enlargement methods detailed below.

Breasts Massage can actually help natural breast enlargement Natural breast augmentationThere have been many studies citing breast massage as an effective natural breast augmentation procedure. Breast massage, combined with the application of natural herbs and plant extracts, can actually help promote the circulation of blood in the breasts, while reinvigorate the nerve endings and hormones that can help promote breast enlargement. Aside from the increase in breast sizes, massage can also help prevent the development of cysts, which could lead to breast cancer.
Here are a couple of helpful steps if you want to try out breast massage to increase your breast size:
Step 1. Before beginning the massage, it is important that you first apply massage oil in order to prevent friction on the skin. Avoid using any form of scented or mineral based oil and opt for the coconut and sweet almond oil for best results.

Step 2. It is very important that you use very light pressure movements. Use only the flat of your fingers and your palms to try to flush out toxins through the lymphatic system. The massage oil helps this process.

Step 3. There are two steps in the massage to promote breast augmentation: the first is to carefully cup the breasts and use a circular motion to lightly massage it. The second step is to carefully thread the breast though a series of pressing and lifting action with the palms. Following these two steps will not only promote breast growth, but will also help the breast glands produce Natural breast augmentation



Hormones and their natural breast enlargement effect Natural breast augmentationThere are three major hormones which affect breast sizes, and these are: estrogen, progesterone and testosterone. Out of all the three, progesterone is the one which contributes to breast growth. Progesterone acts as a balancing agent to the excesses made by the estrogen glands, thereby avoiding estrogen dominance in the system. Progesterone can be ingested through pills or applied directly on the skin via cream.

There are also natural hormones which promote natural breast enlargement. Natural plant hormones, or phytoestrogen, are the main ingredients in some of the most popular breast augmentation pills these days. There are many plants which have been proven to help the natural breast augmentation process: fenugreek, wild yam, dong quai, the fennel, pueraria mirifica, hops, alfalfa and red clover are but some of the extracts used as a main source of phytoestrogen.

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