Jessica’s Journey

We have improved our program recently and ask Jessica to make a try.

See the results and compare it to earlier ones. Remember, all this while she was loosing weigh.

It is not clear or not if the program helped in that by fixing hormones level but we are looking into this since a few other cases has happened.

This would be another interesting and positive side effect.


Hello to all

I’m Jessica, I’m 26 and I just moved to Montreal.
I was delighted when I saw this program on the net, and I thought why didn’t I come to Montreal sooner!!!!

I’ll let you live with me my journey towards a 100% natural breast augmentation.
You do not believe it? Well I too was skeptical but have always wanted to have bigger breasts and fear of passing through the hands of a surgeon, I thought why not try? In addition given the ridiculous price ($ 1,200) compared to breast surgery ($ 5000-6000) I have more to gain than to lose!!

I wanted to make this blog, first step to see my progress, and to keep a memory of this adventure but also to share my experiences to all women like me who want bigger breasts, but without going through surgery that are too expensive with too much risks.

I will serve you in some kind of tester during these 16 weeks!! I cross my fingers that it works!!!

Editor’s note
Jessica’s journey is posted to allow women interested in learning more about our program to read directly the progress of the transformation that experienced Jessica. It is written by Jessica herself who has generously shared with us her experience with the ups and downs that this entails. We do not interfere with the content except to put the writings and photos online and ask questions (as you are invited to do yourself). We are confident of the results and will be happy to show all developments before your eyes.
This blog was started in January 2012, and was originally written in French.
Thank you so much Jessica for your generosity.
It is our wish to bring and share with you many more uplifting and success stories.
Happy reading

  • My first visit to Dr. Eric Duchaine

    We are Monday, January 9, 2012, it is 10am, I get to 65xx, avenue Saint-Michel and I am greeted with a smile by a youngish man, which already makes me a little confident. He told me to sit and kindly offered me a drink (maybe he had noticed that I would die of thirst? ^ ^).
    Anyway, he explains how the program will unfold. Then he asked about my personal goal: Why do I desire to have bigger breasts? Since when did I desire this? What this increase will change in my life? …
    Then we move on to a comprehensive and structured questionnaire so that it reveals all my medical history, my eating habits and my lifestyle.
    We spend about 1 hour or more discussing and he makes sure that I understood the process and that all my questions have been answered!
    Eric, (so he wants to be called, and it is more user friendly!) then made me sign papers (sort of a contract).

    Here!! It is!!, Formalities settled, we go to practice!

    I undress and he takes precise measurements of my breasts, and photos of front and profile.

    Above the chest: 91cm
    Bust: 93cm
    Below the chest: 84cm

    He then shows me how to do the CHI breast massage and how to massage the meridians and some specific points!

    I think this doctor is very quiet, speaks softly (probably because he is also an occupational hypnotherapist!)

    In any case, he takes time to detect any direct or indirect causes that could prevent the success of your breast augmentation.
    To quote my example, I have a problem with my kidneys, so Eric is going to regulate them with acupuncture … because if the kidneys do not function well, it affects the ovaries, which in turn, provide regulation and hormone production, which could cause a failure or being less successful in this program!
    We end the visit with a hypnosis session (houlaaaa, hypnosis?? I’ve never done that before!)
    Carried away by the sound of his voice, I feel relaxed and relaxed. 10 minutes of pure relaxation!

    That’s it, the visit is over, Eric hands me the products to start my program, a manual with all necessary information, and audio recordings to continue the sessions of relaxation and hypnosis at home!

    Here, for the first day, but the worst is to come, I have a job waiting for me at home!
    I will keep you regularly informed of the progress of my results in this blog, please encourage me or leave me your impressions.

  • 1st day in the program (January 10, 2012)

    The program of my day goes like this:
    In the morning: I take 2 to 3 drops of the homeopathic complex under my tongue (and it should be taken without food!)
    At lunch, I swallow a herbal and phyto-oestogènes capsule given to me by Eric.
    Before or after the shower: I massage my breasts with the herbal-based oil using the CHI method (I do so after the shower to keep the product in contact with my skin) and I also do massage the meridians and specific points as described in the manual (and as Eric carefully showed me!).
    The breast massage is rather long I think, must be 360 ​​rotations and at this rate I think I’m going to have strong arms at the end of 16 weeks! (Laughs)
    2-3h after: Again I take some homeopathic drops (must be taken 3 times a day, always between meals). The taste is not so great, but it’s worth it, I think! !
    During the day: When I have time, I give myself 10-15 minutes to listen to the audio recording; it is a key phase of the program.
    At supper I take another herbal and phyto-oetrogènes capsule.
    And before going to bed: I massage my breasts again using the herbal-based oil and I take care of the meridians and the specific points.
    Oh yeah, there’s also a cream-based bio-identical progesterone to buy via internet, you can find it from $ 10 if you shop, the average price is $ 20.
    It is not for sale here in Quebec but is widely available in Europe and the United States …
    This cream is applied during the second period of the menstrual cycle, that is to say, between the 14th day and the last day of the cycle!
    Tonight, I feel my breasts a little sore and tight, my body starts to react I think!
    I have an appointment tomorrow for a check-up so I will talk to Eric. In the meantime I take a hot shower and it feels a little better …
    I take my measurements because you will not believe me but I feel that my breasts are swollen! Wahouuu
    Well I am calm, I’ll be sure to measure!
    Above the chest: 91cm
    Bust: 95cm (wahouuuuuu!! I took 2cm! It’s amazing!)
    Below the chest: 84cm
    I’m not going too get carried away, I’ll wait for confirmation of Eric.

  • 2nd visit (January 11, 2012)

    I tell Eric that my breasts were a little sore last night.
    I see his look is a bit suspicious, but happy!
    He tells me that my body reacts very quickly and that in general this result is obtained after 2 weeks in most women! And then, while massaging my breasts, he realizes that my mammary glands have again become active and my breasts are engorged, thus the the discomfort! It’s great! (no, not the discomfort! The fact that things are happening fast!)
    I may need less than 16 weeks to reach my goal!
    he takes more pictures to keep on tracking my results, but no measurements!
    He gives me another massage to ease the discomfort in my breasts, and he recommends putting a jet of hot water on my breasts if it happens again.
    Some tips, some massages and two hypnosis sessions later … I go back home reassured and I go on with my program of the day …
    My next appointment is Monday, January 16.

  • Almost 1 week (January 15, 2012)

    Today I feel good and my breasts are firmer.
    I take my measurements because you will not believe me but I feel that my breasts have grown!
    Well. I calm myself. I want to take good measurements!
    Above the chest: 91cm
    Bust: 95cm (wahouuuuuu!! I took 2cm! It’s amazing!)
    Below the chest: 84cm
    I repeat the same steps again … same results!! Awesome!!
    Well, I’m not going to get carried away, I’ll wait for Eric’s confirmation.
    Tic, Tic, Tac … tomorrow’s the visit!!
    On top of that. I forgot to massage the meridians and specific acupuncture points yesterday and … uh … also the day before yesterday as well! (But hey, we’ll keep this between us) I’ll try to be more careful from now on.

  • 3rd visit (January 16, 2012)

    Today, I smile, and as soon as I arrived I hasten to tell Eric that I think I gained 2cm on my chest.
    He looks a bit skeptical but takes measurements! And then … the good news comes! 2 cm in 1 week! (almost ½ cup!)
    I hope it will continue to do so!
    So far I am pretty serious at following the program even if at times I take a capsule shortly after the meal because I forget to take it (I must say that I eat so fast, I hardly chew my food!)
    Finally!! The first week is over!
    See you all very soon, I will keep you informed of every development, whether positive or negative!

  • 4th visit (January 23, 2012)

    Today it’s been 2 weeks since I started my program, I have not experienced more gains but my breasts are full of health!
    Arriving at the clinic, Eric takes my measurements. Nothing has changed! He also takes pictures! Comparing with those of the first day, there is a nice improvement in tone!! Great!!
    Well, as you say I’m thrilled!!
    About the program, I must say that the most compelling for me is to take the time to massage all the meridian points!
    This is useful, for sure, but looking for a job takes a lot of my time and sometimes I forget to massage these points. But I am very good at following the rest of the program, especially massaging my breasts.

  • 5th visit (January 30, 2012)

    I arrive at the clinic, late and very tired! I had almost no sleep last night; I had insomnia!

    Well, well … The week begins!

    I told Eric that my breasts are less firm and I explain that I noticed this since the start of my period last Thursday.

    Éric takes my measurements. There is no losses, but he notices a lack of firmness.

    He then proceeds to adjust my treatment and tells me that for the next few days, I have to double the estrogen dosage (the caplets!). And especially to take progesterone cream!

    It comforts me because it’s a little bit my fault!

    (In fact I did not say it, but at the beginning of the treatment I had to apply the progesterone cream because I was in the second part of my cycle, but I wasn’t able to order it with my French credit card on the American internet sites, so I thought I could start on the next cycle! My bad!)

    OUffffffff!! I am relieved!

  • 6th visit (February 13, 2012)

    I’m happy because I took back some tonus and my breasts are super healthy!

    In fact it was really a lack of progesterone! My body tends to synthesize hormones faster.

  • 2nd month (March 8, 2012)

    I must tell you that I’m not very good at following a program to the tee, I had many oversights.
    Also, this past month I’ve suffered from insomnia. I will not go into details but I had some problems in my life, and I actually lost a total of 5 pounds! Great you say?? No, not when we want to gain volume in your breasts.
    Having said that I can see that despite all these problems to follow all the instructions, the program still works!
    I even took a few centimeters and my breasts are radiant! When I hold them in my hands, they fully fill them and I must add I have very big hands (by the way, I am 6’1!).
    According to Eric, real change are taking place at around the 6th week! Everything will start now and actually I can not wait to see and post the results!
    Kisses and goodbye!

  • 11th week (March 26, 2012)

    I am in the 11th week of the program.
    Good news!
    It’s great! My breasts are more beautiful and above all have really grown! and I hope it keeps going!
    As the measurements show I went from a Canadian 38 A to a … 36 B!
    Or, for French measures: a 95 B (100 or AA is the same!) … to a 95 C!
    I won a cup!
    This is super cool! I can’t get over it, I had everything against me during the program: insomnia, weight loss … This motivates me even more!
    What I especially noticed is that when I touch my chest there is a marked difference from the beginning! The lump in my breast (mammary gland!), which barely existed at the beginning of the program is now spreading all over my breasts!
    This is proof that it is the gland that grows and not a fat gain! I find it reassuring as the fat … at the least weight loss, it disappears while the gland won’t!!
    Here! I’ll be back soon to tell you what happens during the last month of my program!

  • Jessica came back a year later to see if she as kept her gain as the other women before her who make the program and she did !!

    She even lost a few pound, because of her work, but kept her breast gain !!

    A year later, she is very happy of the program as it permit her to get more jobs and also feel more healthy. She is now able to work longer hours as her work is very demanding physical. She recommend the program to any women that wants to get bigger breast without loosing health or money.