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How does New Growth natural breast augmentation work?

You’ll be amazed at how easy and effective the New Growth Program for natural breast augmentation really is. Not only does it work with your body’s natural systems, but it also achieves impressive results in a reasonably short period of time (the program can achieve an increase of between one and three cups sizes in just 16 weeks) and very cost effective. You can order the New Growth system from this web site for just $900. This is very inexpensive compared to full breast surgery that costs $10 000 and needs to be redone every 10 years.

With larger breasts, you will feel more attractive, more sensual, and more alive than ever before. When a woman’s breasts are too small and not in proportion with the rest of her body, this is the result of the natural growth of the breasts being stopped earlier than nature intended. But even if your breasts have been undersized for many years, it may still be possible to restart their growth so that you can have the breasts that you were always meant to have.

This is done with a combination of homeopathy, Chinese medicine, visualization, and natural hormones and vitamins. Among the techniques included in the program are massage, audio recordings, a therapeutic laser to improve energy flow, and progesterone cream that is applied in the last 14 days of the menstrual cycle. (The cream is not part of the program and must be purchased separately).

Let’s take a closer look at how some of the individual elements of the program work and how your daily routine will work while you are on the New Growth Program for natural breast augmentation.

natural breast augmentation without

Audio recordings: this is an important part of the program. With each package, you will receive a CD that includes audio recordings the work directly on a subconscious level. This encourages your breasts to resume growing as they did in your teenage years. The system works because the unconscious, which regulates all the automatic systems in the body, determine the growth of your breasts. It worked when your breasts developed the first time and it can work again. The visualisation tells us in its dream language what we need our body to do. This is the same mental process that is use by athlete to improve their physical results.

There are five recordings provided on the CD and the person using the program greatly benefits by listening to one of these each day. The recordings use different approaches and some may work better for you than others. Certain ones use suggestion while others emphasize personal development. These recordings stimulate the cells of the breasts to grow while it accesses memories and your imagination.

One thing that increases the effectiveness of these recordings is how you listen to them. It is beneficial to be in a quiet place where you can listen without interruption or distraction. Headphones are helpful for this.

Breast massage: there are many benefits from regularly massaging your breasts, and these benefits have a significant effect on natural breast augmentation. A very important one is that massaging increases blood flow, which helps with irrigation of the mammary glands and promotes growth. This process also helps the body to eliminate toxins that have been deposited in the breasts, and promotes the flow of lymph.

Breast massage also helps stimulate the production of the natural hormone prolactin, which stimulates growth and stimulates the mammary glands, adding to the effect. Finally, massage also helps with the circulation of vital energy and stimulates the meridians.

There are different types of massage that each has their benefits for breast growth. Among these are chi massage, oriental meridian massage and massage to promote lymphatic drainage. Natural Breast Enhancement Without Surgery

Therapeutic laser: using proven Chinese acupuncture pressure points, you can promote natural breast augmentation using the therapeutic laser that is included with your New Growth package. Used on a daily basis, this therapeutic laser will help to release energy blockages that inhibit growth of the breasts. And the best thing about this approach is that it is entirely non-invasive.

So, here is your routine each day that you are following the New Growth Program for natural breast augmentation:

·        In the morning, you will take one of the pink pills in the package (these are natural plant vitamins) and do a breast massage twice daily.

·        Between meals, two to three times each day, spray the homeopathic complex under your tongue and on your wrist.

·        In the evening, take another pink pill and do another breast massage.

·        During the day you will take one therapeutic laser treatment and listen to the audio CD included with the program.

There are a number of elements that can contribute to a lack of breast growth. Among these are a deficiency in vitamins and minerals. Hormones levels can also be too low (estrogen and progesterone levels can have a particularly strong effect on breast growth). Also contributing to the problem are emotional blockages and energy blockages. These factors combine to block the body’s natural process of growth.

The New Growth Program is specifically designed to help with both the emotional and holistic factors that inhibit breast growth as well as the physical ones. It is really this balanced approach that makes this innovative approach so effective.

The program, created by Eric Duchaine, ND, operates on natural medicine principles, which is why is has been proven to be so effective and so non-intrusive. It is a much more natural and healthy way to address the issue of small breasts than surgery or breast enlargement pills. And, with surgery, in addition to the cost, there are always risks of complications.

The program is fully guaranteed to work or your money will be returned. After the first 8 weeks, if you have not seen the results you are hoping for, we will look at why this may be the case and whether we can adjust the program to address your needs. The program, which has published clinical results, uses all-natural products and natural techniques that have been proven to work to achieve breast augmentation.

Women deserve to have the breasts that nature intended them to have. And thanks to the New Growth Program achieving great results is easy and affordable. Natural Breast Enhancement Without Surgery

Read the manual to get informed about the program