Natural breast augmentation

Our refund politic about Natural Breast Augmentation

The program is offered to woman from 18 to menopause.

Our refund policy covers everything up to $120.00 which is for the copyrights of the materials (book, audios and videos). You get to keep everything in the box.

To be covered by our refund politic, we ask you to send us an anonymous picture of your breasts with a newspaper, or anything else that could witness for the date, as soon as you start the program.

If after a period of 2 months you do not see any progress, please contact us and we will help you fix the situation and make sure you will also have a new growth as all the other woman like you did. If, even after all our help you have not gotten any results, we will ask you to send us another picture, newspaper in hand, and we will pay you back through PayPal within 15 days.

  • I’m only in my 5th week, but I already gained a cup 1/2 and I know this is just the beginning. I have already told many of my gfs about the New Growth Program.–Caroline

  • What I especially noticed is that when I touch my chest there is a marked difference from the beginning! The lump in my breast (mammary gland!), which barely existed at the beginning of the program is now spreading all over my breasts! This is proof that it is the gland that grows and not a fat gain! I find it reassuring as the fat … at the least weight loss, it disappears while the gland won’t!! –Jessica

  • This is crazy, I gained 3 cups and my breasts feel fuller and firmer. my hubby and I love them !!! I am now more confident in myself…–Amanda

  • This is everything I was looking for. At the 10th week I already gain 1 cup size.. Thank you!! –Stephany