Change your life with New Growth breast augmentation Natural breast augmentation

Don’t you think you deserve to have the breasts that nature always intended? 

If you are in good health but your breasts are smaller than you would like them to be, there is a solution that is effective, non-invasive and completely safe. It’s called the New Growth Program. Why take the extreme surgical step to achieve breast augmentation when larger breasts can be achieved using your body’s natural capabilities. 

Eric Duchaine N.D., who has more than 25 years of clinical experience, is the creator of the unique and innovative New Growth Program for natural breast augmentation. His unique program offers women the opportunity to restore health to their breasts with a 100% natural approach based on published scientific studies. The program restarts the growth of a woman’s breasts using a holistic and homeopathic approach. The system combines all-natural products that cause no side effects. These combine with innovative techniques that are designed to remove any obstacles to the resumption of your breast growth. And the results can be astonishing: you can add between one and three cup sizes in just 16 weeks. After using the program, your breasts will not only be larger, they’ll be firmer and more vibrant. 

Some women find that small breast size does affect how they see themselves and how much confidence they have in dealing with the opposite sex. This is particularly understandable since men tend to be attracted to women whose breasts they associate with health and sensuality. While the ideal of true beauty coming from the inside is true enough, body image is nevertheless very important to most people, whether they are men or women. So why not consider a technique for breast augmentation that is part of a broader focus on the overall health of the body. Most people are amazed to learn that the body sees bigger breast as an important energy reserve that it puts aside for safer and easier pregnancy. So having bigger breasts is good for your overall health.         

There are several reasons why a woman’s breasts might not grow to their full potential, but only some of these are physical. For example, a woman might have a hormonal deficiency at some point during the growth phase of her breasts. There may also be nutritional issues, including deficits in vitamins and minerals. But in some cases, emotional blockages can occur that manifest themselves in reduced breast growth. And something most people don’t know is that energy blockages can also play a part in arresting breast growth prematurely. Natural breast augmentation

The program is all-natural and safe 

The New Growth Program combines natural hormones, vitamins, massage, audio suggestion, and laser stimulation of energy centres in the body. With all of these elements working together, you can draw on the natural process that once worked for you before it was interrupted. 

To understand how the New Growth breast augmentation program works, it’s necessary to first understand what functions breasts have in the body. While they have an obvious function in nurturing newborn babies, the breasts also provide pleasure and are a key part of a woman’s body image. 

Here is what you will receive in each New Growth Program package: 

·        A manual explaining how the program works 

·        A video/audio CD offering positive conditioning and a detailed explanation the steps of the program 

·        A New Shiatsu Therapeutic Laser 

·        Homeopathic complex spray 

·        Concentrated plant extract for use in breast massage

·        Natural plant vitamin capsules (one taken in the morning and one in the evening) 

One element not included in the package but important to the program is bio-identical progesterone cream, which is easily available in Canada over the Internet and can be found on pharmacy shelves in some other countries. 

An important element of the program is the proportion of fat in your body. If you body mass index is too low (below 19) then restarting breast growth will likely be more of a challenge. For example, a woman who is five-foot-four should not weigh below 110 pounds to have the best chance of success. A high index increases the chances of a successful outcome and is most desirable. 

One thing that should not be underestimated is the effect of emotions on how the body functions. A woman who has emotional blockages during the period when her breasts are growing may find that growth stops much earlier than it otherwise would. The program of breast augmentation can help women all the way from puberty to menopause to overcome these issues. Natural breast augmentation

Some women who are unsatisfied with the size of their breasts will consider having surgery to change their situation literally overnight. But there are a number of reasons why this approach is not the best for solving the problem of reduced breast growth. The most obvious is that any type of surgery, especially when it involves implanting foreign objects in our bodies, carries health risks. Sometimes harm from surgical breast enhancement is not seen until years later, but those effects can be quite serious. And breast implants must be replaced after a few years, increasing even more the cost—and potential dangers. 

Naturally, cost is another huge consideration. A breast augmentation can cost more than $10,000, and it needs to be repeated every 10 years, while the New Growth program can achieve the same results for a small fraction of the cost. You can also find breast enlargement pills on the market, but these tend to only have a temporary effect because they work —if they work at all—by creating water and/or fat retention. 

One thing that is helpful in evaluating your progress over the course of the 16-week program is to take regular photographs. This will allow you to see changes in the size of your breasts so that you know the New Growth Program is working. And the gains you make after using this innovative program are permanent because growth is permanent. 

Over the course of the 16 weeks, we at New Growth are here to help and support you as you progress.  We are always available to answer any questions, and if after 8 weeks you do not see any measurable progress, contact us and well will find out together what the causes of this are. If necessary, we can adapt the program to your personal needs. If you do not achieve success, the program is fully covered by warranty.

By following the easy program for breast augmentation offered by New Growth, any woman with small breasts can become the woman she was always meant to be.